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RPG Site interviews Hashimoto and Shimomura

During KINGDOM HEARTS HD -1.5 ReMIX-’s launch event in London, RPG Site was lucky enough to interview both series producer Shinji Hashimoto and series composer Yoko Shimomura. In this chat, the pair talked about the series’ history, their relationship with Disney and more.

Hashimoto and Shimomura discuss their experiences with the series in the past 11 years and how it felt reliving their memories for the recently released HD remaster, as well as the challenges during its development. They hope that the players will eagerly enjoy HD 1.5 ReMix and continue to support the series. 

Speaking briefly about the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III, they address whether the remasters could ever find their way onto Xbox in order to help players prepare themselves for the end of the Xehanort saga. As it stands, the issue is being taken into further consideration. They also discuss the difficulties and opportunities that may present themselves while working with next-generation consoles. Although there are many possibilities, they do not wish to lose sight of the themes and visions that makes Kingdom Hearts what it is and always will be.

In regards to the future of the series on Nintendo systems, there are currently no plans at the moment beyond their current projects.

RPG Site also takes the chance to ask several fan-based questions, such as their favorite characters, worlds and moments within the series, as well as considering further community involvement. Due to the heavy influence social media has on the world today, it opens the door to opportunities where developers can communicate openly with their fans, sometimes even to the point where they can influence the outcomes and decisions made regarding the game. Hashimoto reveals that they are looking into more ways to interact with their audience as much as possible.

Now with the music, RPG Site asks Composer Shimomura what it’s like creating music for a series with such iconic characters and sources. Interestingly enough, Disney has never set limitations and have given her complete creative freedom, but Series Director Nomura often comes in with very specific requests that she can never turn down. She also speaks about what the process is like in composing character themes, as well as her favorite track among all the songs within the series. 

About their relationship with Disney, Hashimoto states that the most difficult part of his job as producer is trying to maintain balance between Nomura’s desires and Disney themselves so that both parties will be satisfied even with any compromises they may have to make. Sometimes they may get into arguments when it comes to the source material, but in the end, Disney has always been supportive and understanding.

You can read the original transcript of the interview on RPG Site.

Source: RPG Site

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