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KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- was revealed last year at the Tokyo Game Show 2012, a surprise to many returning players but not to those who have actively remained in the community for all those years since the series began.

The latter had been expecting it. The secret message found at the end of the series’ most recent installment, KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] had set us up for it.

The past will be reawakened as a new number in never-before-seen detail.
Prepare yourself for the awakening of the next number.

The awakening of the next number without a doubt refers to the recently announced KINGDOM HEARTS III, but the past being reawakened in never-before-seen detail, that was undeniably the remaster. We waited eagerly at the edge of our seats to discover what changes they would make to the familiar titles that would be included; how far would they be willing to go the distance? 

However, it was especially important for the former, who had missed out in the series’ expansion due to loss of interest, inability to experience the newer titles, or refusal to acknowledge that anything without a roman numeral could ever be of genuine importance to the overall story.

Nevertheless, everyone jumped at the opportunity to relive their younger years, but the introduction of the first HD remaster held more importance than many would realize. It promised to address the apparent issues that came with the constant system jumping it’s made since 2009 and bring the community back together in time for the grand finale of the Xehanort Saga. 

We would like to thank Square Enix and Disney for giving us the wonderful opportunity to review Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX-, as well as the readers for sitting through that long introduction. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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