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KHDestiny & KHisland Interviews Tetsuya Nomura at Japan Expo!

Our good friends at KHDestiny and KHisland had the opportunity to interview Series Director Tetsuya Nomura at Japan Expo this past week about the upcoming HD remaster, KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX-, the long awaited KINGDOM HEARTS III, as well as development on the series thus far. With permission, we’ve translated their interview for you to read below, and hope you enjoy!


• KINGDOM HEARTS HD is a link between the previous KINGDOM HEARTS and KINGDOM HEARTS III. Do you plan to expand the work to include HD remasters of other titles within the KINGDOM HEARTS series, such as Birth by Sleep, KINGDOM HEARTS II and Re:coded, seen in the credits of KINGDOM HEARTS HD?

Nomura : Of course, we will spend some time working on them before the release of KINGDOM HEARTS III. Unfortunately, there is nothing more I can say on the subject at this time.

• The Cloud Service system of the PlayStation 4 will allow players to experience titles originally released on PlayStation 1, 2 and 3. Are there any plans to utilize this system to allow owners of the PS4 to play KINGDOM HEARTS HD?

Nomura : We did not even think about the issue because our priority at the moment is the development of KINGDOM HEARTS III. Additionally, we are working on the next KINGDOM HEARTS HD remaster, which is our second priority. We have nothing planned about it for now.

• You created the surprise by announcing KINGDOM HEARTS III at E3. Concealed in the credits of KINGDOM HEARTS 3D, there was a message that read - “This leads to KINGDOM HEARTS” with the figure III formed by Sora and Riku - was this intentional to create a teaser for KH3?

Nomura : Of course, it was our goal! (Laughs)


Read the full translation of the interview on KHInsider!

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