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In November 2012 when GameTrailers’ debuted theirTimeline video series, the KINGDOM HEARTS community was astonished to discover the secret teaser at the end of the video. The series’ iconic title theme, Dearly Beloved, softly played as the familiar Kingdom Key Keyblade was shown stood gleaming in the sunlight on a sandy beach. As the scene faded away, the words “SPRING 2013” appeared, and the community erupted in excitement. 

Two weeks ago, they released a follow-up trailer showing off some iconic scenes and locales from the series thus far, further engaging their audience and attracting everyone’s attention. Degraded Keyblades lay scattered across the once forgotten battleground of the Keyblade Graveyard, empty thrones loomed over within Where Nothing Gathers. The star-studded hat of sorcery calls out for its long-retired Master, and the tree bearing star-shaped fruit basks in the warm light of a setting sun. This proved one thing and one thing only; that this Timeline would not be anything like what we expected. 

The success of their previous Legend of Zelda timeline made it clear that the upcoming video would be nothing short of incredible. Even in the face of doubt, the GameTrailers team put great care into making sure they would be able to do the series and its fans justice with spot-on accuracy in every single piece of information. After almost 6 months of waiting, we are finally able to witness this from beginning to end! With GameTrailers at the helm, let us take a walk down memory lane and line the pieces up in this broken chain.

We here on the KHInsider site staff are very honored to have had the opportunity to work with GameTrailers on this Timeline!

Source: GameTrailers


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