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Last month we reported that Square Enix would be holding another fan campaign to celebrate the release of the series’s first remaster. With the game releasing in just a few more hours, it’s only right that they finally launch the campaign’s website!

Here you can find a plethora of familiar short clips from the HD ReMIX, to see what inspired each and every one of these lucky indivduals who took part in the campaign. It’s a special treat, especially for those who are not able to experience the game until it releases in other territories. You can also view the complete special CM, appropriately entitled “The Memory Theater”.

Along with that, the official HD 1.5 ReMIX website updated with two new wallpapers, featuring the key art drawn by Director Tetsuya Nomura!

(Note: There are 22 short clips from each title from HD 1.5 ReMIX in total! We’ve uploaded all of them to our Youtube channel as well as the two wallpapers! You can view everything on our site!)

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