Anonymous whispered: What is this whole Sony Square Enix shares things I've been hearing about? What does it mean?

Years ago, after the failure of The Spirits Within, Sony purchased about 9% of the shares from Square Soft as a sign of goodwill to help them recover. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it basically means they own a portion of the company and, under normal circumstances, would allow them to chip in and help make decisions to influence the company. However, the shares Sony purchased were nonvoting, which meant that they had little to no influence over Square. However, after the merger between Square Soft and Enix, whatever influence they might have had was diluted to the point of irrelevancy, where it was essentially pointless to even have them. 

Fast forward to present day. Despite the success from the newly released Playstation 4, Sony still isn’t doing very well financially. You may have heard of some other actions they’ve taken lately as a result of this, such as selling their headquarters in Tokyo and their Vaio laptop computer division (thereby laying off thousands of employees). As another step towards reclaiming financial stability, they decided to sell their shares in Square Enix. 

tl;dr - It doesn’t affect anything like console exclusivity or whatever. All this really does is put more money into Sony’s wallet. 

Anonymous whispered: So this sale of Sq Enix shares won't effect KH?